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Selected Academic Publications

Zhou, S., Pu, J., & Gritter, K. (2020) Stories of Resilience across Social Class in Orbis Pictus-Winning Picture Books. NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) annual convention.

Pu, J. (2018) "Teaching 21st Century Skills in the Public Speaking and Practical Writing Classes". A2S Soft Skills Center, Fremont, CA. 

Pu, J. (2013)  "Digital literacy and E-learning for a Group of Urban ELLs”.  LARC (Literacy Achievement Research Center), East Lansing, Michigan.

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Pu, J. (2007). "Interactional Dynamics and Language Use in Tripartite Teacher Education Supervisory Conferences". AERA (American Educational Research Association) Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.


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Pu, J, Wolbers, K, & Curcic, S. (2006). "An Overview of Language Learners, Research Areas, and Methods in Bilingual Writing, PreK-12." LARC (Literacy Achievement Research Center) Fall Practitioner Conference, East Lansing, Michigan.

Wolbers, K., Curcic, S. & Pu, J. (2006). "Multilingual and L2 writing prior to college: A research synthesis". The Symposium on Second Language Writing, West Lafayette, Indiana.

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Pu, J., Gritter, R., Gritter, K. & Duinen, D.V. (2005). "English Class and Beyond: An Invitation to Discuss Interdisciplinary Reading of Literature." MCTE (Michigan Council of Teachers of English) conference, East Lansing, Michigan.  

Zhao, Y., Pu, J. et al (2004) (Eds.) New Era Interactive English (4 volume College Multimedia English textbook). Tsinghua University Press: Beijing, China.

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Fruja, R., Pu, J., & Fan, Y.N. (2004) "Non-naturalized Aliens? Naturalized what?! Immigrant Children, Cultures, and Languages in the English Classroom". Bright Ideas Conference, East Lansing, Michigan 

Pu, J. (2004). "Blog: A New Communication Method for Student-teacher and Teacher-teacher Communication". Michigan Annual Technology Conference, East Lansing, Michigan. 

Pu, J. (2003) (Trans. and literacy/learning activity design) Kitty (12 books). Posts and Telecom Press: China.

Pu, J. (2003) (Trans.) Winnie the Pooh. Children Fun Publishing Company.

Gu, F.L., Pu, J., et al (2002) (Eds.) The Art of Contemporary English Speeches. Anhui Science and Technology Press. 

Gu, F.L., Pu, J., et al (2002) (Eds.) The Anthology of Romantic Poetry. Anhui Science and Technology Press. 

Wang, H.X., Pu, J. et al (2002) (Eds.) New Century College English Textbook Series. Nanjing University Press: Nanjing, China.


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